Industrial Pumps

We specialise in the supply of a range of industrial pumps, as well as handling all aspects of maintenance, installation, process applications and pump selection. Our competitive advantage is derived from the exceptional service and support we receive from our world-class manufactures .With our rationalised supply chain we have managed to cut leads times by 50% using our own warehouse facility and distributions links.

We supply the following range of double casing and single casing pumps: Centrifugal slurry pumps, Horizontal Slurry pumps, Froth Pumps, Gravel pumps, Vertical spindle pumps, Chemical process pumps.

Centrifugal Pump Solutions

Axis provides a high quality, efficient & cost effective Slurry Pumping & handling for your process operational needs. We stock various sizes & configurations of Centrifugal slurry Pumps including end suction, split-case single & multi-stage to mention just a few. Discharge Sizes From 25 to 1400mm, Pressure Heads up to 80m Flow capacity up to 1500L-sec..


Pump Wet End Parts

We Provide Elastomer or Metal lined Abrasion & Corrosion Resistant materials in all of our Wet End Wearing Parts. Our Wearing Parts are Compatible with all Types of Centrifugal Pumps.

Axis Centrifugal



Efficient & Durable For Any Application. Double Vained Enclosed Impellers Compatible With Any Pump Configuration

Volute Liners

Stud mounted Liners Available Either Hard Metal Or Elastomer Material, Made From Extremely Durable Corrosion & Abrasion Resistant Materials

Bearing & Shaft Assembly

Short Over Hang Shafts to Reduce Axial Loads On Bearings. Interchangeable One Piece Bearing Cartridge Assemblies For Any Required Application.

End Suction Pumps

Split Case Pumps

Vertical Spindle Pumps


  • Supply of all range of slurry pumps
  • ●Slurry Pump
  • ●Rubber Slurry Pump
  • ●Vertical Slurry Pump
  • ●Gravel Pump
  • ●Froth Pump
  • ●Dredge Pump
  • ●FGD Pump
  • ●Sewage Pump
  • ●Clean Water Pumps
  • ●Slurry Pump Spares


  • ●impeller: high chromium alloy rubber
  • ●Volute liner chromium alloy
  • ●Shaft:45# steel
  • ●Shaft sleeve: ductile casting
  • ●Frame plate: casting
  • ●Shaft Seal: Packing seal, Machanical seal or expeller seal

MH,RH,M,L,LR Series Slurry Pump

Pump Features

  • ● This series of pumps is cantilevered pumps, used for handing strong abrasive and corrosive slurries in the mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal washery, power plant, dredging, building material and other industrial departments etc.

  • ● Series MH and M pumps are also called heavy duty slurry pump. This kind of slurry pumps is suitable for delivering the strong abrasive, high density and low density, high head slurries, with thick wear parts and heavy duty supports. In the allowable range of pump work pressure, the pumps could run in series to reach high head. Series M pumps are used for handling low density and high head slurry, or high concentration, light abrasive slurries. With the new materials of the wear parts, the pump could transport low corrosive slurries.

  • Series M pumps are also called middle duty pumps, which could handle the tiny particles, middle concentration and low corrosive slurries.

  • ● Series L pumps are also called light duty slurry pump. Compared with the heavy duty slurry pumps, this series of pumps is of small volume, light weight and high speed, which transports tiny particles, low concentration or corrosive slurries. The concentration of the slurries is not over 30% usually.

  • Series RH and LR pumps use the natural rubber and synthetic rubber as the material of wear parts. This kind of slurry pumps could deliver tiny particle, abrasive and corrosive the slurries. Their cover plate, frame plate, bearing assembly and so on could be interchangeable with Series MH and L pumps.