Crusher Spare Parts

Crushing equipment takes a heavy toll on it’s components. Rocks and dirt continually wear down belts, jaws, cones and other components. We provide high-quality replacement parts to replace those whose time has expired.

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The mining and aggregate business is tough on machinery and tougher on wear parts. They need regular maintenance, repair and replacement. Crushing is incredibly important to the mineral extraction process as it provides the necessary surface area required to minimize chemical cost and maximize recovery factor of the mineral being mined. It's a different kind of love.

Crushing and grinding processes have undergone significant changes over the last 20 years. These adjustments have focused on lowering costs and increasing production and energy efficiency, mainly due to the fact that the mining industry has seen much larger projects and consequently has required substantial crushing equipment. 

Today, mining companies want lowercapital costs with fewer pieces of equipmentand higher capacity from each unit, even if the equipment is disposable after a reasonable service life.

Crusher Spare Parts


  • ◉ Metal Shredder Spare Parts: Hammer, Grate, Reject door, Anvil, Side Liner, Spide cap etc

  • Cone Crusher Spare parts: Concave & Mantle, Torching Ring, Main Shaft etc

  • Jaw Crusher Spare parts: Jaw plate, Side plate .etc

    ◉ Ball Mill & Raymond Mill Spare parts: Ring & Roller, Roller liner, Mill liner.etc

  • Impact crusher spare parts: Blowbar,Impactliner,LinerPlateetc

  • Other wearing spare parts: Track Shoe, Carrier line.etc

  • ◉ Brands support: Metso, Sandvik, Terex, Telesmith, Jianshe, SBM Zenith .etc

We understand the demands of this industry, and the toll it takes on the equipment needed to run it.

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