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About Axis Mining

Axis Mining services division is committed to servicing and supplying the mining and construction industry within Africa. This segment of the business was a diversification strategy focussed on supplying high quality mining spares ranging from ground engaging tools (GETs) to electrical components. This is made possible by strong existing relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's). Through its logistical background the company is able to ensure efficiency and reliability. The company over that years has managed to maintain and build superior customer relations.

Our direct business relationships with OEMs has allowed us to provide our customers with a cost effective and reliable solutions. The company has trade links with international manufacturing companies in Europe and Asia and has exclusive distributorship agreements. This enables axis to have customizedand patented products manufactured to the market requirements and standards within southern Africa.

Axis is dedicated to servicing and supplying mining and construction companies in Southern Africa with high quality ground engaging tools (GET's) such as DTH and Top Hammer tools incorporating the full range of rotary ground engaging tools as well as DTH hammers, Delivery Pipes, rods and High Quality Button Bits all manufactured in state of the art CNC and ISO compliant factories worldwide.

We provide full back up warranty on our GETs as well as product support.

Our other line of products include - electrical components such as
• Flexible high voltage electrical cables with a wide range of
• Multipurpose rigid and mobile small to high discharge dewatering
pumping solutions. The full range of clear and high abrasive resistance pumps and slurry pumping solutions.


Axis has a comprehensive range of DTH drill bits to match all conceivable applications…

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Axis provides the broadest range of premium Top hammer Rock Tools, bits, and related equipment. This means more choices for you. It means you can work with the strongest support network in the industry, regardless of your equipment needs.


Rotary Rock Tools

Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards. We offer a complete solution of rotary tools for todays productivity demands.


Crusher Parts

Axis can supply new cast steel spares and replacement parts for many cone crushers currently in use today.

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For applications in the mining and metallurgical industry, such as

  • ●Pipeline slurry transfer

  • ●Autoclave feed

  • ●Digester feed

  • ●Mine dewatering

  • ●Hydraulic ore hoisting

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We have a wide range of rotary drilling tools needed for your entire process, offering a complete drill string for rotary applications, Axis has the product to meet your specific demands.

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